A note about Black and White Wedding event Photography

… as well as a little regarding colour as well.

I believe any person that has met me directly, or attended any one of my talks on digital photography, will certainly recognize that I have a substantial passion for black and white digital photography. Particularly black and white wedding event digital photography.

black-and-white wedding photography

Although black and white job is belonging to my very own wedding photography (I ‘d claim around 60-70% of my final outcome is black and white), there is, of course, an area for colour as well.

St Fagans wedding

When I think back to the kinds of digital photography I was attracted to also in my early years, and when I take a look at the majority of photo books I carry my bookshelf, black and white definitely seems to take a priority.

As a wedding celebration professional photographer it is my responsibility to make certain that the photographs I take, are where possible, well exposed, utilize the available light and have great compositional or tale telling elements. Ideally all those in fact. Whether I’m shooting in black and white, or colour, those criteria do not alter.

Nevertheless, when aiming for black and white, I most absolutely look more to the light and also the story. The emotion and also the passion within an image can be felt stronger by the visitor, in my viewpoint, in a black and white picture.

A [mostly] Black and White Wedding celebration Digital photography Photofilm

By way of explanation, I ‘d love you to have a look at the following Wedding event Photofilm.

You’ll see that this is part among a 2 day Asian wedding celebration. Oriental wedding events are always a riot of colour and colour must undoubtedly be commemorated.

What I truly intended to depict when firing this wedding though was the splitting up in between the colour components and the extremely psychological and also expressive parts of the wedding.

Allow’s chat a bit a lot more concerning Colour

As I mentioned above, there is an area for colour; naturally there is. The majority of weddings have colour as an attribute, whether its the blossoms, the gown, the bridesmaid gown or the details on the cake.

It is unlikely that there will certainly be no colour specific images at a wedding.

As the winter season pull in, usually people select more suppressed, winter-reflecting motifs for the wedding as well as this often generates itself to less of the brilliant, colour images and even more towards black and white normally.

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